Benefits of Automating Medical Device Manufacturing

Robotics and other industrial automation solutions offer many potential benefits to medical device manufacturers. This white paper outlines the benefits, presents important considerations, and serves as a guide to selecting appropriate solutions and partners.

Medical devices are specialized and often highly engineered products that must be produced according to tight health and safety regulations while delivering an acceptable return on investment.

This is a challenging task that requires medical device OEMs to balance competing priorities. On the one hand, there can be no lapses in product quality, cleanliness, and deliveries because these can have life-threatening consequences. They may also tarnish a manufacturer’s reputation and possibly result in regulatory sanctions. On the other hand, there is unrelenting pressure from competitors and customers to reduce costs, which makes it challenging to meet production requirements.

A key strategy that can be used to balance these issues is to automate the production of medical devices. Industrial automation is in widespread use today, having spread to virtually all manufacturing industries because of its proven benefits such as high product quality and repeatability, faster production, manufacturing flexibility, and lower labor costs.

This free white paper includes:

  • An overview of automation applications
  • The benefits of automation for medical device manufacturing
  • Tips on adopting medical device automation
  • How to select the best automation solution