Automating in an Automated World

Protecting Profit in the Long Run

Automation is not just for high-volume applications where people simply can’t keep up with demand. In reality, automation actually spans many processes and unique applications that are critical to any innovation-minded business.

Even so, profitability still remains the fundamental driver for these companies, and the proper implementation of automation can help to preserve this core metric of success.

Coupled with consistent quality and production, automation can create cost-cutting efficiencies, offer competitive advantages, and ultimately help protect profits over the long-haul in a very challenging global market.


Bruce Courtney is the Managing Director of Tessy Automation, a company tied to the heritage, development, and mass production of the zipper in the 1920s. He has had over 40 years of manufacturing experience as an engineer ranging from windmill design and production to industrial fabrication and quality assurance. Bruce has been supporting Tessy Automation in the creation of unique out-of-the-box automation designs, providing exceptional customer service, and sharing a contagious work ethic throughout the company for over 25 years.