Nutec Meets With Intek to Discuss Robotics Automation

Intek Products’ Technical Sales team visited NuTec to explore NuTec’s automation and process integration capabilities.

With Intek’s support, NuTec has been increasing their footprint in the collaborative robotics marketplace. The main purpose of the meeting was to explore NuTec‘s capabilities in hopes that NuTec and Intek can collaborate on a broad range of automation applications. The meeting consisted of a facility tour, a presentation of NuTec‘s automation capabilities, a video showcase of product integration examples, and an explanation of NuTec‘s business integration model. A Question and Answer session, following the scheduled meeting activities, resulted in the identification of many unique collaboration opportunities.

NuTec leads the industry in the identification and application of automation technologies in the medical and consumer product markets.

NuTec integrates many types of part handling, robotics, motion control, and vision control platforms into their custom and build-to-spec product offerings. Nutec’s use of the Universal Robot collaborative robotic platform was of particular interest to Intek. Utilizing state-of-the art vision and guidance products, NuTec has successfully architected and installed numerous collaborative robotic vision guided custom products.

NuTec considers Intek one of its key sourcing partners. Intek Products, located just over an hour south of NuTec ‘s facilities, is a company dedicated to the development of mechanical automation products using the latest technology combined with solid engineering and technical support. Utilizing Intek’s breadth and depth of product offerings, NuTec has been able to integrate many of Intek’s products into NuTec’s recent automation machines.