Nutec Attends Nanotech 2016 in Tokyo, World’s Largest Nanotech Exhibition

With over 1400 companies from across the world exhibiting, visitors can discover the latest nanotechnologies across a number of platforms.

A total of 48,514 people visited the festival for technology innovation. NuTec was able to send their Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Bruce Courtney, to walk the show.

Since the last show he attended a few years ago, Bruce’s biggest take away was the industry’s maturity and growth of nano technology.

“It was impressive to see the presence of machining center capable of creating nano surface textures. Imagine a system capable of machining .0000000001 meters. The broad scope of applications from electronics to paint to cosmetics was quite interesting. The addition of nano technology as a surface treatment or a component constituent is effectively creating a whole new list of materials with unique characteristics and properties”.


NuTec regularly interfaces with products that capitalize on nanotechnology. Custom ultra-precision automation equipment provided by NuTec Tooling Systems is an integral part of this exciting new frontier.

Next year’s Nanotech show will take place from February 15-17 at the Tokyo Big Sight, East Exhibition Halls.