Epson Introduces 3 New Scara Robots Helping Expand More Applications

Epson Robots, the renowned leader in SCARA Robots, has expanded their SCARA lineup to include 3 new robots.

The latest SCARA robots are built to carry heavier objects at high rates of speed. The LS20 offers a maximum payload of 44lb with arm lengths of 800, and 1000mm. Both arm lengths feature a 420mm Z-Axis length.

In addition, the new robots most notable features include: high speed cycle times, superior acceleration/deceleration rates,  smooth start/stop motion, and reduced vibration from Epson’s QMEMS vibration sensing technology.

Furthermore, the new robots are ideal for applications that require a longer reach, larger payload, and/or increased tooling size.

Epson’s latest SCARA robots are being marketed to industries such as automotive, appliance, and industrial divisions.

“For the last several years, Epson’s LS-Series robots have been the robot of choice for high quality, low-cost automation. Now with the addition of 3 new models, we’re able to offer cost-effective solutions for an even larger variety of applications.”


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Check out the full article written by Sam Francis of Robotics and Automation News.