2020 News and Highlights From Nutec Tooling Systems

From the Desk of Bruce Courtney, Managing Director, Nutec Tooling Systems:

“I’d like to share with you a few bright spots from an otherwise challenging year. Here’s a list of some of our accomplishments.

• We completed and shipped our largest project to date – a syringe assembly and coating line that required over 23,000 man-hours to design and build

• EPSON Robots named NuTec as an EPSON Platinum Partner

• We provided design & build services in support of COVID-19 related equipment

• We welcomed nine new employees to continue building on a solid foundation with an eye towards the future.

• We expanded our tooling and machining capacity by adding (2) new EDM machines.

The NuTec family rose to meet 2020’s tough demands, and we truly believe that better days await us all in 2021.”

NuTec Tooling Systems | Tessy Plastics

Founded in 1983, NuTec today is now Tessy Plastics but is doing business as NuTec Tooling Systems after being acquired by Tessy Plastics in 2019. This new chapter in the company’s history has strengthened the company’s market position in providing state-of-the-art custom design and build-to-print automated solutions. Born from an idea linking back to the famous Talon Zipper, NuTec was founded with a commitment to provide the best quality and service possible which it has done for customers worldwide from day one.

To learn more about NuTec Tooling Systems, visit nuteccustomautomation.com