Design, Manufacturing & Integration

Automated Assembly Systems

By designing and building custom automated systems, we help manufacturers increase production potential while lowering costs and improving quality.
We manufacture state-of-the-art assembly automation equipment — ranging from sub-assemblies to fully-automated, turnkey assembly lines — that allow you to increase assembly process efficiency and profitability and improve product quality and safety.
Our fully-automated assembly systems reflect the utmost precision in system design, construction, and assembly. It always aims at maximum process reliability and our objective is always the efficient solution of a complex assembly problem.

What it Means

Fine-tuning a solution for your specific need.

Depending on the job in question, our systems deal with small and miniature parts at high output rates or heavy parts with a lower output rates. We immerse ourselves in product development, design, and product launch procedures and analyze all production steps thoroughly.


“(…) the MB Machine looks really nice especially the layout and wiring in the main control cabinets. Comparing it our existing machines and some recent ones we have had built by other vendors, the workmanship of your machine stands out.”