Design, Manufacturing & Integration

Enhancements and Upgrades

Our team meets your team.
Tessy Automation’s team of Automation Architects approaches your project as a collaborative partner.
From the moment we evaluate your project’s integration or enhancement need, we apply our experience and expertise to develop an innovative solution that meets your specifications.
“It was refreshing to work with people who were courteous, professional, and committed to the project. (…) I was impressed the level of knowledge and consistent effort.”

– Director of Engineering, Industrial Filtration Manufacturer

Common Enhancements

  • Accommodate a New Product Size
  • Updated Controls
  • Add a Process
  • Remove Manual Operations
  • Use Updated Hardware
  • Better Process Control
  • Clean Up Documentation File

Tessy Automation uses its extensive custom engineering and manufacturing experience to evaluate customer specifications and functional requirements based upon design for manufacture and assembly principles.

Using design for manufacture (DFM) and design for assembly (DFA) approaches Tessy Automation works with customers to detail, procure, assemble, and test build-to-spec packages to customer functional requirements.

Our goal with build-to-specification projects is to leverage in-house design expertise, manufacturing capabilities, and supply chain management to efficiently and effectively design and manufacture equipment, assemblies, and parts.