The Epson Software Solution That Makes Automation Accessible for Most Manufacturing Applications

Epson’s RC+ 7.0 makes industrial robot systems easy to apply, connect and operate

Industrial robots appeared in manufacturing in the 1960’s, and as recently as the 1990’s automation was so costly that only the largest companies could afford the time and expense to make such an investment. As the technology has evolved, and the use of robots has become ubiquitous, the costs have been significantly reduced. Both OEMs and System Integrators have worked in partnership to create turnkey systems that enable manufacturers to increase their production capacity and improve quality while reducing costs, particularly in the areas of safety, uninterrupted production, and the reduction or elimination of scrap and rework.

These technological advances have created opportunities for manufacturers of all sizes to incorporate automation into their systems and processes to ensure a safe work environment for their employees while increasing the profitability of their production. When evaluating how automation can make a contribution to a manufacturing facility, in addition to function, layout and the mechanical properties of the new system, special attention should be directed to the software system that will control the entire operation.

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After the selection of any of the wide variety of robots on the market, the second major concern is selecting the correct software package.  Before a purchase is made, manufacturers should ask these questions:

• Will my staff have to write the code for the system, or is it pre-programmed?
• How complicated is this process?
• If I change the process or the automation cell, does the system have the capability to be chagned in a timely and cost-effective fashion?
• Will the software enable us to run simulations and test the system?
• Will the software be able to interface with other plant systems?
• Will adding different features, such as 3D simulations, at a later date incur additional cost?
• Will my staff need special training to operate the system? 
• Is it user friendly?
• Will this system be compatible with existing robots? 
• Is it flexible enough to add on additional robots in the future?

As a system integrator for over 35 years, Tessy Automation has designed and manufactured an extensive range of electro-mechanical automation solutions. For Tessy Automation, the choice of which automation software to purchase was easy. As automation in manufacturing has expanded and evolved, Tessy Automation, a Platinum partner with Epson Industrial Robots, has championed the implementation of the Epson RC + 7.0 Automation Software because this software system’s capacity to provide the best total value for customers who require a fast start-up with system efficiency and flexibility.

“We’ve been integrating Epson robots for the past 15 years. We’ve been a party to the evolution of RC+ 5.0 to RC+ 7.0. We love the intuitive user interface and smart editor. The built-in simulation environment really helps us feel confident that our proposed solution will function as advertised. Now with support for Add-On instructions, we look forward to integrating Epson robots in new ways.”


The Epson RC+ 7.0 software overcomes the main issues with older technology solutions by making the human-machine interface easy to use with an intuitive Windows interface, access to programming and other operating features such as the Epson patented Vision Guidance, Force Guidance, Conveyor Tracking, etc.

About the Epson RC + 7.0 project management and development software

Epson RC+ 7.0 is the project management and development software used to develop powerful robot automation solutions using Epson’s lineup of SCARA, 6-Axis and Linear Module robots. With its exceptional ease of use combined with powerful features and integrated solutions, the Epson RC+ helps reduce the overall time it takes to build and develop robot automation systems. Learn more here.

The AutomateElitesm Epson Authorized System Integrator Program

Tessy Automation is a Platinum level member of the Epson Authorized System Integrator Program. Epson partners with a talented and experienced group of robotic system integrators that are part of our AutomateElite Program. To qualify for this program, Tessy Automation has demonstrated the experience and technical expertise as both system design and implementation. As a platinum partner, Tessy Automation can provide turnkey systems designed with the latest technology enhancements.


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