Industrial Automation Critical According to Survey Feedback

Tessy Automation, formerly NuTec Tooling, has released the compiled results of their first annual Industrial Automation Impact Survey conducted at the end of 2017. The survey evaluated the degree to which industrial automation has influenced production, purchasing habits, and future strategies using feedback from plant managers, operators, and engineers. The findings were released in the form of an infographic.

Of all respondents, 94.6% indicated that the implementation, adoption, and use of automation is either necessary or “critical” to their business, while only 5.3% viewed automation as “optional.” Most respondents spanning a number of industry segments, also felt that automation had reduced operating costs (53%) or provided some performance advances (59%). Despite such advances, budget constraints, however, ranked as the biggest (47%) or second biggest (42%) challenge posed by automation for these companies.

“It’s no surprise how critical automation has become to manufacturing,” stated Tessy Automation President, Brian Deane, who continued by saying, “but there’s still some ground to be gained when it comes to companies completely achieving the goals they hoped to from automated solutions,” He also added, “In future surveys, we will be watching to see if companies start to realize more pronounced cost-savings and efficiencies from automation over the long-term.”

Tessy Automation was pleased with the overall participation by participants and plans to conduct the Industrial Automation Impact Survey on an annual basis.

Those interested in the compiled results may consult the infographic released by Tessy Automation this month or follow the link for the full infographic