TrayTender® is designed to eliminate the tedious and costly operator task of loading parts in conjunction with processes such as injection molding, machining and assembly functions.
The system can be efficiently used as either a tray loader or tray un-loader. The TrayTender® is forward compatible and designed for flexibility.
The unit can be re-utilized for a variety of applications with minimal effort. The current system is designed for use with plastics injection mold presses, machining centers, assembly automation or other process equipment.

NuTec Tray Tender


The system will incorporate a vertical carousel magazine in the rear of the module, designed to allow for manual loading of individual trays.

NuTec Tray Tender


The system incorporates a 6-Axis robot, which is ceiling mounted to a linear slide (X-axis) that will allow for travel in/out of the injection molding and/or other auxiliary equipment working envelopes.

NuTec Tray Tender


This robot will be used to load or unload the incoming trays. After the trays are processed a second 6-axis robot is included for tray handling as well as other secondary operations.

NuTec Tray Tender


This robot will remove the tray from the transfer nest and stack it on the exit conveyor. The exit conveyor will shuttle the finished tray stack to a safe zone, where an operator can remove.

NuTec Tray Tender


With the flexibility of two 6-axis robots, the TrayTender® can easily be configured to perform other secondary operations, in addition to part and tray handling duties. The secondary operations can vary from labeling or marking to vision inspection to assembly to spray coating. Tessy Automation can design and integrate all the secondary operations that may be required with the TrayTender®.

In addition to injection mold presses TrayTender® can be utilized for various machine tending operations, virtually anywhere parts handling is required.

This can be from delicate plastics and electronics to metal stock or machining blanks and other high-production components.

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More Info

  • Automated Tray Loading and Tray Unloading Automation Features+
    • Over/under conveyor design allows for narrow footprint, resulting in less floor space on your assembly line
    • Tray queue time can be easily increased
    • Very fast tray change over time
    • Can be used as tray loader, unloader or parts accumulator
    • All units can be tooled with multi-point grippers or vacuum pick up heads
    • Robotic controlled motion places part accurately
    • Very fast robots speeds are available
    • All tooling and guarding can be included
    • Full-color HMI with documentation
    • Secondary operations easily incorporated
    • Variety of machine interfaces available
  • Cost Savings+
    • Typical payback is less than one year
    • Eliminates press mount robots
    • Eliminates costly operator tending
    • Ability to do secondary operations at the press with no additional operator
  • Flexibility / Forward Compatible+
    • Flexibility to move to a different press with minimal tooling
    • Invest in capital only once
    • Lean Cell Approach
  • One-Stop Solutions Provider+
    • Tessy Automation is a custom automation builder and integrator
    • We have the capabilities to design a unit to retrofit into your existing line or we can design/build a new automation system