TrayTender 2100

The TrayTender 2100 is an automated tray loading and unloading system. This item is made for complete customization.
Like the original TrayTender, the 2100 is designed for use with plastics injection mold presses, machining centers, assembly automation, and other process equipment.
The system incorporates a vertical carousel magazine in the rear of the module, designed to allow for manual loading of individual trays.

More Info

  • Features+
    • 6-axis robot with customized end of arm tooling – Provides precise material handling
    • Optimized control system with intuitive graphical HMI
    • Enhanced control system and optional remote HMI pendant
    • Upstack exit trays create a smaller overall footprint
    • Hidden wiring and pneumatic lines within machine frame
    • LED Lighting – work area, signal lighting on the floor
    • Conveyor without legs – creates a cleaner look and ease of cleaning on the floor
    • Convenient utility connection points at the top corner of the machine and panel
  • Fit for Plastic and Injection Molding Presses+
    • The TrayTender 2100, is an automated system that can be efficiently used as either a tray loader or tray un-loader
    • The TrayTender 2100 and its unique base lighting, is the latest installment of Tessy Automation’s TrayTender product family
  • One-Stop Solutions Provider+
    • Tessy Automation is a custom automation builder and integrator
    • We have the capabilities to design a unit to retrofit into your existing line or we can design/build a new automation system
  • Flexibility / Forward Compatible+
    • Flexibility to move to a different press with minimal tooling
    • Invest in capital only once
    • Lean Cell Approach