Design, Manufacturing & Integration

Automated Precision Indexing Systems

Indexing assembly systems are an excellent choice in machines that need to process many parts very quickly.
These systems are the most common automated systems and serve as a very reliable approach to moderate speed production demands.
Lastly, these systems are easily scalable to accommodate a variety of assembly and inspection processes, custom indexing assembly systems are a proven robust machine chassis.


  • In-line Indexing+

    Carousel, over/under – link or pallet hybrid – servo powered, cam lineshaft for synchronous station.

  • Rotary indexing+

    Pneumatic, servo or cambox powered. Synchronous cam driven stations or autonomous station functions.

  • Walking Beam Transfer Systems+

    Pneumatic, cam box translator, servo

  • Feed screw indexing+

    Servo powered screw for separating and positioning product for assembly and test function