Design, Manufacturing & Integration

Power and Free Conveyor Systems

Ultimate in flexible configuration, power and free conveyor systems, or pallet conveyor systems, are ideal for larger and more complex assemblies requiring a higher number of assembly and testing operations.
Tessy Automation has deployed many power and free conveyor systems to transport product via pallet through a variety of automation processes.
These machine chassis are best suited when needing to interface with a variety of asynchronous processes or equipment on a single line. Power and free conveyor systems are easily reconfigured for future additions or changes, and also great while being integrated with injection molding or stamping procedures.
“I can honestly say that of the five automated machines we built for this project, the one from Tessy Automation went the smoothest and is the most functional and user friendly. I am looking forward to working with you again on future projects.”


  • Maintain component or product orientation between workcells
  • High productivity with use of multi-up pallets
  • High accuracy providing consistent positioning
  • Ability to integrate modules while providing adequate space for operations
  • Low-cost component distribution
  • Simple design with low maintenance
  • Manufacturing and production flexibility
  • Reliability and maintainability