Design, Manufacturing & Integration

Continuous Motion Assembly Systems

In terms of high speed assembly, output doesn’t get any faster than with a continuous motion automation system.
Speed isn’t the only benefit of continuous motion technology. It’s about optimizing the process for the most consistent, highest quality performance.
In continuous motion, multiple processes occur without interruption for every cycle, effectively overlapping. And because the tooling never loses contact with the individual components, part alignment is maintained during assembly. The result is smoother processes that are much less likely to damage either your components or the machinery itself.
“That’s one impressive cell. It was fascinating to watch and I marvel every time I walk by various complex automated cells here and then consider the amount of expertise it takes to make these things hum. Hats off to you guys.”

– Engineer Director, Medical Device Supplier


  • Minimal maintenance
  • Multiple processes per machine up to 1500ppm
  • Optimum OEE
  • Customized machine design
  • Minimized floor space